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Paris is the most populated city in France and its capital. Administration économique et sociale Agrosciences, Environment, … var a = document.createElement('a'); div.parentNode.removeChild(div); The eastern half of the Ile-de-France region is the site of numerous economic initiatives that affect its 1.5 million inhabitants and 600,000 jobs. a.appendChild(div.childNodes[0]); The first year, starting in September 2021, consists of a broad and demanding set of courses in advanced fundamental, experimental, and numerical physics. var div = document.getElementById('M18409781419396642'); { Aller à la page Université ... 21, Rue Broca - 75 005 Paris . The benefits of a Masters extend beyond improving your earning potential. var a = document.createElement('a'); Master’s Year 1: Students must have a Bachelor’s degree or a Bachelor of Science degree (Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Mechanics). Atout France, Evaneos, Dartagnans. They gain in-depth knowledge and skills about the managerial, marketing, operational, financial, human resource and cultural aspects of running a successful tourism … The MIT Master is a one-year course with classes held between September and January (30 ECTS) and an internship and research paper between January and September (30 ETCS). var M4227612668239561="dirirest"; Responsables . ESCP Europe in position #6. Institut de physique du globe de Paris. Lire plus. Masters Programs in Tourism 2021 in Paris in France. var M8947214791178248="sebastien.jacqot"; It was one of the inheritors of the University of Paris (often referred as the Sorbonne), which was split into multiple separate institutions in 1970.Paris Descartes completely merged with Paris Diderot University in 2019 to form a new University of Paris.. … { Master’s Year 2: Students must have reached the M1 level in science, engineering students with a double major. … UE 2 Conception et montage de projets touristiques, Diagnostic territorial, étude de faisabilité, étude d'impact, Montage juridique des projets d'aménagement touristique, Outils et techniques d'analyse de la métropole touristique, Institutions internationales, géopolitique et mondialisation, L'internationalisation de la demande touristique, Politiques d'attractivité à l'international, Spécialisation touristique et compétitivité internationale, Tourisme international et économies émergentes, Gestion des marques touristiques et hôtelières, Stratégies des firmes touristiques:stratégies concurrentiell, UE 2 Préservation et médiation du patrimoine, Le patrimoine culturel : approches théoriques et pratiques, Les outils de la protection du patrimoine naturel & culturel, Multimédia, nouvelles technologies et patrimoine, UE 3 Patrimoine et tourisme. Other areas might be covered, including leisure management, cultural tourism, event leadership, sustainable tourism and marketing strategies. var M6633866064360137="irestmaster1"; div.parentNode.removeChild(div); 27 Sep, 2020: New edition of Masters in Management (Management). The success of all students, as soon as they enter university, is a priority for Université de Paris. They can provide you with personal and professional skills to accelerate your development. div.parentNode.removeChild(div); Sébastien Jacquot, Lecturer in Geography : dirirest @ (dirirest @ Université. M4227612668239561 +=""; div.parentNode.insertBefore(a, div); All formations. // -->, irestmaster2 @ (irestmaster2 @, Linda Boukhris, Lecturer in Geography : (sebastien.jacqot @, (irestmaster1 @