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Search, discover and share your favorite Papa Can You Hear Me GIFs. DEADPOOL: Oh, shit. Cable rips the door off of the back of the truck. Russell climbs out. Vanessa opens the gift. You need to just keep living. DEADPOOL: You said it yourself. Cut to a shot of the convo. It ends with me dying of cancer, and you winning the Ice Box award for softest mouth. “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” by Rupert Holmes plays as Cable takes their truck and drives away. See? The driver pulls a gun on Domino, but it has no bullets. COLOSSUS: Wade, whoever they are, we track them down and bring them to justice. Cut back to the apartment. You can always tell! Blessed are the wicked who are healed by my hand! In Human Centipede, it was when those people signed on to be in that movie. Just about 30 seconds will do you good. A broken window on the truck causes Cable to me blinded by a reflection of light and miss. Maybe the kind that leaves you more machine than man.Deadpool :Wait, no, STOP! God bless America. I assure you, we have everything under control. I'm not gonna abandon this kid. Cable enters through the hole in the wall. Russell sits at a table. WEASEL: There you go, Dopinder. Domino enters the room where the children are being kept. DEADPOOL: Give me your best shot, One-Eyed Willy. I don't mean right now. The timer dings. Toilet paper. I can't place your mustache. The monster's with them. Deadpool cuts the bullet in half. Go get him, tiger! With training, you can be X-Man. He's doing it. DEADPOOL: Oh, my God! Colossus gets up. An older Russell enters. WADE: You know what we need to do? Let's watch some porn and show that bed who's boss. I got a-. In the kitchen, Wade prepares some Toaster Strudels. While Wade continues talking, we see a number of X-Men in the room next to him, with the door open. Wade turns to leave. This time, he hits Sergei square in the forehead. Vanisher, I have no doubt you look amazing too. Cut to close-up of Deadpool smoking. COLOSSUS: You let me down for the last time, Wade. WADE: Oh. Cable: No, I didn't. First off, I'm not even a virgin. DEADPOOL: Yeah, probably should've brought a Super Soaker. That goes with me everywhere. Unless you've got a grenade. DEADPOOL: Hey! It's no big deal. All right, you're scared. I was raised in this place. Cable pulls out his fanny pack. Let's just- Oh, God. Cut to a shot of Negasonic, Colossus, and Deadpool walking towards the scene. He leaps off the building through the window of another building, kicking the man he was on the phone with. Deadpool : Oh, well that's... that's just the most... beautiful thing that I've- I don't know what this is.Vanessa : My IUD.Deadpool : ...A bomb?Vanessa : No, dip-for-brains, my birth control device. That's not CGI, folks. You did this for me? Do you see that beautiful bright light? Quotes . And Erica loses two important people in her life. No more senseless violence! WADE: Ness? The fight for a moment. But you unleashed the Juggernaut, you dumb cunt. He holds up his fist to a nearby black officer. He leans down and watches it. WADE: What am I supposed to do around here, anyway? The group cheers. Zeitgeist’s is caught in the woodchipper. WADE: Thank you, Matthew McConaughey, your words are a treasure. I want a boy! Domino gestures towards it. If you think we missed any quote from Wade Wilson or Deadpool 2, please send it to us. Your souls are beyond redemption! I heard what happened with the convoy and…. In comes back down and lands in one of the barrels, causing them to explode. I guess Stryker finally figured out how to shut you up. Don't stare directly into that. Oh. from Disney's Frozen sounds "suspiciously like 'Papa, Can You Hear Me?' The headmaster slams the door shut and runs away. DEADPOOL: Yeah. Cut back outside to Cable and Deadpool. So thank you. Wade runs over to her. HEADMASTER: Your abilities. Cut to Al walking in her kitchen with a teapot. Gingivitis. Oh, thank G-. This time Colossus is hit. "I care about you"? Cut to a shot of a city. Deadpool, Domino, and Cable get out. Dopinder throws down the boxes he was carrying. Juggernaut throws Colossus. Wade catches her before she hits the floor. He is revealed to be holding the script for Green Lantern. DEADPOOL: Peter, I'm gonna miss him most. Just ask anyone in Brooklyn. The sword hits him in the forehead handle first, knocking him over. Russell stands outside surrounded by Police. We need to build a fucking team. I really hope I don't know what you're saying. A hooded figure enters the apartment. DEADPOOL: This kid's adorable. Spoiler alert. I am not X-Man material at all. DEADPOOL: Oh, God! DEADPOOL: I see what you did there. 'Cause I got a long history of firing at times like this! No, stage left, you idiot! There's one out there for you. Nothing can stop the Juggernaut. Looking at the skies I seem to see A million eyes which ones are yours? Domino runs over. DEADPOOL: Oh, my God. But here we are, trying to overcome our differences. HEADMASTER: Blessed are the wicked who are healed by my hand. Cut to a full shot of the couch. He answers it. They all begin fighting. DEADPOOL: So what exactly do you do in the future, anyway, huh? I'll be here. JUGGERNAUT: "Let's fuck some shit up" is my legal middle name. I literally don't know what that means. CABLE: It's my daughter's teddy bear. Okay? They turn their attention back to Juggernaut. He was one of the worst of 'em. There’s a real-life truth to the cheeky accusation made in Deadpool 2 concerning suspicious similarities between Barbra Streisand’s “Papa Can You Hear Me?” and Frozen’s “Do You … They show up! He laughs, then approaches Russell. Cut to shots of the convoy exiting the Ice Box. He hands it to her. You, you wanna survive? The back of the helicopter opens up. He flicks his cigarette up into the air. RUSSELL: I had so much fun! WADE: Wait, wait, wait! VANESSA: I think you missed big, big chunks of that movie. Don't you say legs! COLOSSUS: That's right! Cable pulls out a knife. The group stops and looks at him as he begins yelling at them. She causes one to trip and break his neck on a bed frame. I guess family really is an F-word. So, uh, where are you from? Deadpool is in focus due to its rib-tickling one-liner punches that one can’t just resist laughing out loud. Cable’s scan locates Wade and Russell’s cell. Wade Wilson : Isn't that how it always works? Colossus picks up a piece of metal and bends it around his fist. Anywhere's better than here. WADE: Do I look like a patient burn victim? I was fighting a caped badass. Bring it in. What's Juggernaut got that I don't have? You're making the face that you make when you urinate. Wade is urinating heavily onto the floor. DOMINO: Whatever. Well, if you’re here through any redirection, let me tell you that Deadpool is Hollywood Movie and an American X Men series. I mean, look at you. Kristen? Who knew these winds would be so strong? Talk to me, Goose. If I stub my toe, I'm done for the day. The back half of the convoy is ripped away. Dopinder slams the brakes. Deadpool appears to die. Deadpool : You did. "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" True heroism in action. VANESSA: Baby, that's Empire. She laughs while listening to the radio. DEADPOOL: Russell. Negasonic flips him off. Rub my legs, Mama. Now! Cut back and forth between Russell walking through the prison and Wade and Cable tumbling. A guard corners Russell. Cable : Dubstep's for pussies!Wade Wilson : You're so dark. WADE: You're not giving me a lot of direction here. Shall we? Cable: No, I didn't. Look, I don't deserve your friendship or your help. And we can make the whole world our bitch. I got two charges: one to get me here, one to get me home. He has a flashback. WADE: Thank God I didn't have to use the cream cheese spreader. DEADPOOL: Cool. It's both history teacher and fortune teller. They're moving us tomorrow. Deadpool puts a ‘picture’ of the Vanisher on the wall. You got this, buddy! There we go. Wade? I bet 50 years from now, we're bestest buddies. WEASEL: I'll tell you why I'm here. You're just an annoying clown dressed up as a sex toy. You don't need to do this! WADE: We do. WADE: No offense, but if you know so much, why not travel back to when he was a baby, kill him then? Russell takes off his mask. But this guy? I'm retrieving something from my utility bag. We're not, there's no X-Force! Cut to Juggernaut picking up the bus. You were sick, and I protected you. Cable knocks Deadpool over. “We Belong” by Pat Benatar begins playing. This table needs a wipe down! Cable grabs onto a rock and stops his tumble. DEADPOOL: Hey, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. COLOSSUS: I'm terribly sorry for your loss, Wade. I have growing pains. Russell shoots a fireball at Deadpool. What a dick. Deadpool puts Bedlam’s picture on a wall. Cable : Why are you protecting the kid?Deadpool : I don't give a fuck about him and his Are You My Mother complex! Here it comes, yeah. Shot after shot, it's not gonna change the fact that I think you're, are you pissing? DEADPOOL: I could get used to this X-Man shit. Wade tumbles through visions of Vanessa and hears clips from previous conversations with her. Back outside, Juggernaut rips off his sleeves and beats Colossus. RUSSELL: When was the last time you saw a plus-sized superhero? I know it's called a Sea Breeze. Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 23 songs that can be heard in the action film “Deadpool 2”. WADE: You're wasting your time, Shiny Jesus. "The Time Traveler's Wife's" husband beat me within an inch of my life. AL: Listen to the pain. He sits against the invisible wall separating them. DEADPOOL: That's such a you thing to say! You're a superhero now, bubba. Cut back outside. Please! Cable gets the upper hand and the dubstep stops. WADE: The last thing I need is more hepatitis. You said it yourself. With the guards distracted, Russell takes his food tray into the maximum security area. DEADPOOL: Nope! Make friends with someone. Shatterstar gets caught in the blades of the helicopter, his body getting splattered all over the windows. Fun fact about the Ice Box, though no one's ever seen it, they keep a monster in the basement. Let's just talk! I'm never gonna dance again. RUSSELL: Blessed are the wicked who are healed by my hand. Except for where they are. Cable pulls his gun back out of Wade’s arms and fires at the ceiling, knocking down a large metal structure. He begins walking. Jesus Christ! They should've just amputated it. Wade turns towards the door. Oh, my God! He stabs Juggernaut in the eye with it, and then punches him in the crotch. DEADPOOL: Hey. People think they understand pain, but they have no concept of it. DOMINO: I was gonna just bring it back to that yes, it is. The trio looks over to where Russell is. My name is Deadpool, and I'm an X-Man. DEADPOOL: I haven't always been the best friend to you. Deadpool stops him. DEADPOOL: Well, I'm not even gonna attempt that. Deadpool : I don't know how to thank you, but I do know how to hug you.Cable : No.Deadpool :Yes. RUSSELL: I'll start by making us a shank. SHATTERSTAR: I'm basically better than you at everything. Go, get out of here. Whoo! What the fuck? Get away from me! He shoots Daniel in the forehead and tries to shoot the headmaster. WEASEL: Do you have the courage to check and see if there are enough sanitary napkins in the dispenser? WEASEL: Russell's in a convoy heading southbound on Gerry Duggan Parkway. Wade passes by a statue and hits the podium it’s on, knocking it over. I didn't have a family, either. Did you feel that, too? Domino is still in the air, following it. Wade has gotten back up and put on his mask with a bag of cocaine over his mouth. He stands in the ruins of his house. More cell doors open, including Wade and Russell’s. Cut back inside. Finally, one more pass with the toilet paper, maybe clear out that excess moisture. The crowd cheers. Tom takes the pen and stabs Wade’s hand. Don't you know how to knock? Why don't you just say it in an Indian accent? WADE: It was me. The camera pans over to the city. He gets Wade’s attention and winks at him. Who? His eye opens. We can take it from here. The group gets ready in the helicopter. I am so sorry. Al, Wade, Domino, and Weasel all pull out guns. Deadpool attempts to screw off Juggernaut’s helmet. SHATTERSTAR: My name's Rusty, but I go by Shatterstar. DEADPOOL: Put your hands behind your knees and get down on your head! He searches through different times before choosing one. WADE: You're so dark! Russell sends another fireball at Deadpool, who dodges again. Don't stare directly into that. Deadpool dies for real. I've been inside your shoes. Cut to a shot of a number of pictures on the wall of the apartment. Ooh, that's a great name. You killed Black Tom, you racist son of a bitch! Cut to Domino continuing to fight the orderlies. I wanna take them back! The trio runs toward the orphanage. DOPINDER: Mr. Weasel, I can no longer be double-parked. Cable mouths, “Fuck this,” and runs for his gun. I should've worn my white pants. Inside, a young boy is eating cereal. You picked the wrong shithole to fuck, future boy. DEADPOOL: I'll take a cranberry-grapefruit vodka. His arm goes limp. The camera pans up from an alley to a building. Cable watches the news. We see footage of the orphanage from newsreel shot from a helicopter. But I can't wait to never speak of this, as soon as possible. WADE: More importantly, I liked her. She's gone. He takes out one of his swords and throws it at Russell. There's a wind advisory in effect. I'm gonna go there, and I'm gonna be their Superman. Weasel continues to narrate over the meeting. The taxi exits the alley as the men stop chasing. And promise me, promise me one thing: that you'll start judging people not by the color of the skin but by the content of their character.Cable : Jesus... Cable : There's nothing I can't kill.Deadpool : Well, as Scoutmaster Kevin used to say... "There's a first time for everything,son." It's time to get back on Linkedln. Russell begins using his pen to attempt to break out. RUSSELL: No, that's stupid, Russell. CABLE: 50 years from now, you're very dead. DEADPOOL: I like that. WADE: A warrior has nothing to be ashamed of. Beast closes the door. Jelly. COLOSSUS: We have rules! Terrific, these are all terrific. So, is it just me, or does Do You Want To Build A Snowman from Frozen sound suspiciously like Papa Can You Hear Me from Yentl? Wade gets up and walks over to Cable, who’s been thrown into another room. DEADPOOL: I'll start from the beginning. Cells seven and nine now off-limits for medical personnel. Use all of your imaginary powers to stop Cable from killing that kid. Let's go home, Russell. Deadpool hits one with a brick while Cable shoots some. WADE: We're not partners or friends. Cable goes to pick it up. There was a bunch of handicapable children stuck in a tree, and I had to, uh... WADE: You're right. DEADPOOL: I made mistakes! Everyone else gathers around. VANESSA: Kids give us a chance to be better than we used to be. Colossus is shown to be walking towards the X-Mansion, dragging a body bag behind him. #Cynical. CABLE: I need your help! Causing anxiety, confusion, pain. And everyone not on the helicopter. Cable and Deadpool keep fighting hand-to-hand. I’m never going to dance again.”- Deadpool “With training, you can be X-Men.”- Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) “Like Beyonce says, Please- Please stop cheating on me.”- Deadpool to Colossus “Stay back or Justin Bieber dies.”- DEADPOOL: No, no! Please. Cable shields himself. Dopinder sits inside listening to the radio. We got no brakes! Wade’s collar appears to be malfunctioning. He sees Cable and Domino laying on the ground nearby. DEADPOOL: Good call. DEADPOOL: How in the fuck are you in already? WEASEL: There you go, little fella. WADE: What the fuck? I want you to have my Adventure Time watch. Holy shit pickles! Wade Wilson is played by Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2. So we can go after him without me. Colossus! WEASEL: Go home, Wade. Is it just me, or does “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from Frozen sound suspiciously like “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” From Yentl? Black Tom : I'm Black Tom Cassidy.Wade Wilson : White Wade Wilson. They begin making out. Russell! Baldilocks? DEADPOOL: Justin Bieber. DEADPOOL: Doms! The good news is, I don't think anyone's gonna miss Shatterstar. WEASEL: Yeah, but you do. If you want to be a contract killer, you gotta handle a mop before you handle a gun. Juggernaut throws Colossus around. My beautiful, hairless, Twizzler-legged baby boy. WEASEL: He's doing it! Is this heaven? Juggernaut lifts him up. Big CGI fight coming up! Colossus picks Wade up and throws him against a nearby wall, holding him above the ground. Cable reaches his gun. RUSSELL: Why'd you say that back there? COLOSSUS: You need fresh start. P.A. DEADPOOL: No! Don't scratch! You're absolutely right. [narrating after attempting suicide by blowing himself up] FUCK Wolverine! Wade Wilson : Sorry I'm late. Russell runs down some stairs. Wade begins spinning around in the wheelchair. Just once. Papa are you near me? The longer I travel, the harder it is to control. We were, uh… We were gonna be a family. I can't feel my legs. WADE: What in the ass? Rachel mentions the title and sings "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" WADE: You said once he kills someone, he gets a taste for it. Cut back to Russell, Deadpool, and Cable. VANESSA: May. It's too stripper-y. DEADPOOL: Really? The indecision is killing me. The first thing I wanna do when I get out of here, burn the headmaster alive, and then take a selfie with his smoldering corpse. WADE: Yeah, but how could he just walk away? Domino fights the orderlies guarding the children. I tried to tell him. Deadpool is playing the music on a small boombox. “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher begins playing as the credits start again. I've never seen you without your mask before. DOMINO: It's really just a sip of tea at this point. The camera pans in on a party. DEADPOOL: Firefist. WADE: I'm gonna shower and get out of this suit. You get the strap-on. DEADPOOL: Why are you dressed like the Unabomber? NEGASONIC: How something so small generates enough energy to reverse time is-. Oh, that's so gross. DEADPOOL: Put that back in your prison wallet. What do you want me to say, huh? AL: I heard the news, sweetie. As the camera pans away from their cell, Russell looks around the prison. Cut back in the building. Fuck! Yeah. I want to belong to something, like you, Pool, sir. Back inside, Domino gathers the children, who are trapped in the room by flames. It's my anniversary. and Do You Want to Build a … Deadpool and Cable simultaneously shoot the last two orderlies. CABLE: Relax. Cable holsters his gun. Deadpool screams. DEADPOOL: Boom! Intercept the convoy, grab the boy. I can't feel… Oh, no, they're right here. All right? Cable inspects himself in a mirror. But, then... Huggies Natural Care wet wipes. The point is, kids, they give us a chance to be better than we are. Deadpool : Cable, you get back to your family and you tell them Wade says hi. Look. He looks at a business card with some cantonese written on it. X-Men! Cut to the cell. Domino shoots the gas canister and it flies off, hitting Cable. WADE: Heart's in the right place. Better than we used to be. DEADPOOL: You all know the plan. I'd never let anything happen to you, Sugarbear. Domino walks through the truck, firing at Cable, and passes Russell. You get back here, young man! The headmaster walks away. Cut to Cable jumping off a building and landing on a sidewalk. True story. WADE: So weird. Colossus : Wade! No, too stripper-y, too. WADE: The wall? That's fine. Papa, are you near me? The group begins walking away. Cable struggles to get up. Grover's got a cock the size of a twig. He pulls Juggernaut’s legs out from under him. He hasn't killed anyone yet. Domino lands in traffic and begins walking. No, I don't. Deadpool puts a picture of Peter on the wall. At least we still have Bowie.Weasel : Yeah, we still...Weasel : ... have Bowie. At least domestically. Cable shoots Juggernaut at point blank range, sending him flying backwards. DEADPOOL: Ah, fuck, fuck, fuck! Start the fucking car! This is for all the marbles, kid! Russell sits down. The collar comes off. It was performed by Barbra Streisand for the original film. DEADPOOL: Taking the hands out of the guns of the criminals! Cable, Domino, and Deadpool all shoot Juggernaut as he approaches. RUSSELL: Stay back or Justin Bieber dies! You do. Thor 411. The song was nominated for Best Original Song at the 56th Academy Awards; Streisand's longtime friend Donna Summer performed it during the ceremonies. One of the guards pushes Wade. He is consumed in the explosion, and his limbs fly everywhere, with one hand flipping off the camera as it goes. WADE: Oh! NEGASONIC: She's my girlfriend, you intolerant shit. DEADPOOL: Tell that to Black Tom. WADE: It's just awful. DEADPOOL: Before I go… Sorry, I got a bit more in me. “X Gon' Give It to Ya” by DMX starts playing. We all need a genuine sense of home, a place...Dopinder : I want to become a contract killer.Deadpool : I'm sorry, what did you say?Dopinder : Remember when I kidnapped Bandhu and threatened him with great violence?Deadpool : Yeah, you kinda killed him.Dopinder : And remember the movie "Interview with the Vampire? Haha. Have we met? Dopinder : Oh, I shit my pants.Deadpool : Actually, that may have been me. Cut to the taxi squealing up to the gates of the orphanage. WADE: No, you want me to join. DEADPOOL: Well, in a George W. Sort of way. She begins to fall. What kind of spineless shit stick tries to kill a 14-year-old boy? Cable : I was born into war, bred into it. Cut to Russell and Wade in their cell. Juggernaut grabs the gun before he can fire. “Nobody Speak” by DJ Shadow begins playing. Dopinder stands nearby. Dopinder slams the brakes. I went too far, didn't I? DEADPOOL: Left! Cable : No, my family's safe. BEDLAM: Get me on the ground, watch me go! Cable looks at a table of guns. Look, Fire… Oh, my God! Black Tom is confronting another prisoner. Time out! WADE: No! REPORTER: And to update you on the story reported earlier, after a lengthy standoff outside the Essex House for Mutant Rehabilitation, two mutants were arrested and transported to the Ice Box. Domino gets up, unscathed. IRENE: A mutant boy is appearing to have some sort of an incident, with police here behind me. DOMINO: Okay, I'm over the convoy. Where did the rest of the team land? Because of me, he's gonna know what real love looks like. Deadpool approaches the truck. Wade gasps. Now! CABLE: I'd ask who you are, but you'll be dead in a second. Juggernaut kicks Cable into a nearby car. WADE: I've done some light catalog work, but, really, modeling is just a stepping stone to acting. Kirsten? Some guards escort them. WADE: I missed you so much. You must be wondering why I didn't call you here. Cable : You remind me of my wife.Wade Wilson : I'm sorry?Cable : I said you remind me...Wade Wilson : No, I'm sorry that you said that while making heavy eye contact and applying lip balm. DEADPOOL: Got it! Colossus! CABLE: Your boy's gonna kill the headmaster of the orphanage tonight. He takes a Toaster Strudel out of a mini-oven and throws it across the room. It's not a great analogy. Deadpool looks at his notes and holds up a headshot of Peter. He's gonna go straight to jail if we name him Earl. DEADPOOL: Only best buddies execute pedophiles together. Um, I just saw the ad and thought it looked fun. DEADPOOL: Those guys hurt you? WADE: Wait. Colossus raises his fist to hit Deadpool. It's a metal arm! Cut to Domino standing in front of the table. That's your main course. You're in this shit now, Mustache! Rule number one. All three heroes attack Juggernaut in close-quarters. It's just a really bad one, even for me. He adjusts his helmet and picks Deadpool back up, throwing him some distance. I know how seductive they are. Cut to another flashback. Alright, let's flip a coin, okay? Guys, for a second there, we made a pretty good team. DOMINO: Who says you can't go home again? DEADPOOL: Papa? SYSTEM: System malfunctioning. I don't wanna die without an audience. Yukio, Wade. DEADPOOL: I don't speak Cantonese, Mister…. Oh, yeah! What's your superpower? I want to fill my-. Find someone stronger." DEADPOOL: Let's meet in the middle and say, "No, it isn't.". VANESSA: Uh, Earl! Pain teaches us who we are, Wade. I'll also be the first to admit that that plan was written in crayon. A whole bunch of functional idiots. There's only one person in this world that I care about, and she's gone. Lonely at the top, eh? I spent 10 years in Special Forces. The men all shoot him. Bring it in.Deadpool : Come on. Doesn't make any sense. Cut back outside. Domino arrives, assesses the scene, and leaves. What's the most pain you've ever felt? COLOSSUS: You've been sleep for three days. Directed by Philip Earnshaw. Yeah. They both tumble out the hole in the wall. Tom gets up on the table. RUSSELL: We're a team. Russell sends him flying over towards Cable. I've never experienced that last one. I'm never gonna dance again. The children cheer. But I did take 8th grade Spanish, so, (in Spanish) Where is the library? CABLE: There's one bullet left in that gun. DEADPOOL: And I'd like… the McRib to be available year round, but sometimes dreams don't come true. Cut to a full shot of the room. - … IRENE: Irene Merryweather, WHIT News. And have consensual sex with their sister?Vanessa : I think you missed big, big chunks of that movie.Wade Wilson : No, I'm pretty sure Luke nailed her.Vanessa : Baby, that's Empire. No. AL: What in the… Why is your hand so tiny again? Deadpool steals a woman’s scooter and rides away. DEADPOOL: Actually, that may have been me. I'm going to burn that headmaster alive. I'm sticking my neck out bringing you here! Some blood sprays in his eyes. That fucking does it. Juggernaut picks up Colossus. Then the hairy motherfucker ups the ante by dying. He looks at some of the other mutants as he passes. Papa, can you find me in the night? Sergei crosses a street and Wade is hit by a car. And you can create it at any moment in time. Deadpool sits up from the coffin and fires at the men in the audience. DEADPOOL: There you are. You live in this dump. Cut to Deadpool. Wade Wilson : And nobody fucking realizes it. Some cell doors begin opening. Cut to a shot of the convoy, then back to the helicopter. The same scene from before the credits plays out again, sped up. Every man for themselves! Heads, you did it for me. Could've used one of those in the first act.

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